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The Invisible Man
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First Game - Arcade: Not sure...probably a driving game of some sort. We did have a slot machine in the house that my Dad brought, but that doesn't really count.

First Game - Original NES: Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt - Came with the original NES, had the light gun for Duck Hunt too. Spent most of my bullets shooting at that bloody laughing dog I think...

First Game - Sega Master System - The original quiz missed this one out, but it was Alex the Kidd.

First Game - Sega Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog, played it around a friends house before I got the console.

First Game - Game Boy: probably Pokémon, only got a Game Boy fairly recently when the wife gave me her old Colour one.

First Game - Sega Game Gear: Sonic 2, played it to death XD

First Game - Super Nintendo: Super Mario World. Played it at my Dads girlfriends flat, managed to beat it too. Still enjoy playing it now

First Game - Sony Playstation: Medieval, a real fun game, pretty sure this was the first game that I played for the PS1.

First Game - PC: Oh lord...errr...either Railroad Tycoon (the original DOS version) or Wings of Fury...those are the two I remember most from Dads PC

First Game - Game Boy Color:  See Game Boy

First Game - N64: Goldeneye. I pretty much got the N64 for this game, after a friend hyped it up into orbit.

First Game - Nintendo Gamecube: Super Smash Brothers Melee, my wifes game and one we played a lot when we were first dating.

First Game - Gameboy Advance: Errr...don't think I have yet.

First Game - PS2: GTA: Vice City, I remember saving up my money to get this console and this game, first track in the first car was 'Billie Jean', it was fantastic.

First Game - Xbox: I think I've played Soul Calibur on the Xbox...not sure

First Game - Playstation 3: Errr...not sure if I have played a PS3 game...might have played Lego: Indiana Jones on one at a store.

First Game - Nintendo DS: Nyet

First Game - Nintendo 3DS: Errr...I've not actually played a game with it, but I have looked at one using the 3DS system...damned if I can remember what one though. (the wife just told me that it's Dream Drop Distance)

First Game - Xbox 360: Nyet.

First Game - Nintendo Wii: Errr...probably one of those wii-sports games.

First Game - Online: I think that was Battlefield:1942. Lots of fun times with that.

First Game - Commodore 64: Oh yeah, I'm going there. The first one I can remember is Southern Belle which was a train driving game with me and my Dad would play, he would be the driver and I would act as Fireman, putting the coal on the fire and telling him what signals were coming up.
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Thanks very much for the :+fav:.
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It's an awesome pic :D
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Thanks a lot for the fav on: Two and a half Cardassians by VioletteTheViolent !
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NP, great pic as always, you really capture Cardassians well...almost as well as they capture Bajorans ;)
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LOL! That comparison really made me laugh out loud. :D Thanks a lot!
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It was an awesome cosplay :D Must have taken ages to get the make-up right. Makes you feel for the actors in the series, eh?
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